Our Mission: To share the unified soul that is music through ever-exciting songs that drive bodies to move, inspire even the conscious observer, enchant the most intellectual spirit, and void the close-minded apparatus.

Green Tea Tribe
Join us as a fan, friend, or relative in this adventure we call Green Tea. We can only promise that your experience with us will be fulfilling, enjoyable, and welcomed. We’ll see you in the adventure of life.

Mail / Phone:
P.O. Box 728
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Green Tea Mission

There are thousands upon thousands of approaches to music, whether one likes this genre or that, yet many of those approaches cannot embody the heart that fuses Green Tea. Bound by almost no categorical exposures, we dig deep into our minds for the creative embellishment of our music. We have chosen a roots sound (with many traditions at our sides) fused to powerful and modern abilities, but none will displace our form of original music. Original melodies inspire us to create coupled progressions that move us and our fans each and every day. And, it’s our tribe of fans that inspire us to create more… This is what we live for!

We are a tribe in itself, and as we venture into the arena of good vibe and sustainable living, our passion grows fonder of the tribe we have created. This tribe is growing and others will share the feelings, passions, pains, memories, and pursuits that we have. Times may get tough or even lives will accelerate, but through all of this we will never forget our unified roots within the universal language of music. You!


Fan Feedback

"The album is simply genius and I thank you so much for the signed signatures, keep strumming!" -Bart Vanderpuy

"Thanks for coming to UST last night you guys were the best band Ive ever heard!!! Please come back to the Twin Cities ASAP and often!!! :)" -Joseph Mueller

"...I can't wait til I can see you guys live again!!! I try to tell everyone I know about how rockin you guys are!!! The way you guys jam just blows me away!" -Rober J. Shine

"Amazing record (Wake the Conscious). You guys never disappoint." -Breck Rooney

"hey guys, today's concert in Waukesha was brilliant..." -Tom Gajan

"Wonderful concert at the Heyde Center for the Arts last night! The show was SOLD OUT - so if anyone is planning on going to the Mabel Tainter show, get your tickets in advance!! The Heyde Center seats many more than the Tainter's capacity. I'd definitely recommend the group to anyone. Cheers." -Deb Johnson, Heyde Center Executive Director

"The Rocky Mountain Irish Festival is thrilled to bring Green Tea to Colorado. Bring it on Green Tea... the West is ready!" -John Schreck, Rocky Mt. Irish Fest Promoter

"I had a wonderful time dancing to your music tonight!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are amazing =)" -Brittney Carpenter

"absolutely blown away.. you guys are great.. tears of joy in this old micks eyes love the music" -John Belar Johnson

"Amazing. So different. I love it!" -Carmen Peterson

"So I think I've been in Ireland 5 weeks... listening to music any and every night I can... You guys are the real deal! And my Ireland friends love the picture of the band with "my new man" sitting on Trevor's shoulder!" -Julie King

"The performance last night was amazing. I have never heard Green Tea before, but I was awe-struck. VERY NICE ...come back to Wisconsin Rapids!!!" -Shelley Weiler

"Hey Hey I saw you guys kick a__ tonight at the Porkies :) Good Job =D." -Xaxira Velasco

"...watched your performance at Riverfront guys were outstanding!!! The best act of the day by far!!!" -Anne Rogalski

"Saw you guys yesterday --pretty epic :)" -Maggie Danger Finch

"If you have any full-length releases or any more material from the band Green Tea we would love to have them, because their song that appeared on the sampler has turned out to be a big hit amongst the staff and DJs here." -Lee Martin, WXPL, 91.3

"Amazing group. Loved your performance last night, I had a hard time sitting still in my seat! Talented young musicians, you are!!!! Where to next?" -Teri Jaeger

"A wonderful show!!! You are greatly accomplished musicians and your music is a gift. We loved the intimate setting inside away from the rain." -Mary Low

"Wish I could have been there. Hi Sydnie! Thanks for texting me during the Green Tea event! I miss you! Aren't they great??!!" -Christine Rediske

"You guys are awesome!! It was great to see you again!" -Rose Aguirre

"I REALLY enjoyed Green Tea at the Heyde Center; played the EP today and found myself dancing around the house. St Patrick's Day is now complete!" -Diane Fjelstad

"This was the first time I experienced your music...thanks for an awesome night of talent and foot stomping fun:-)" -Deb Weina

"Saw Green Tea on Red Dragon TV ( -- You guys are awesome!!! :)" -Chris Earl

"Thanks for the great performance!! It was fabulous!! :)" -Kara Delzer

"I'm going to marry that guitar player." -fan @ MSU Moorhead

"Great concert in Wausau last night! I liked the indoor venue better than outdoors - it offered better acoustics and got us closer to your excellent music." -William Meyer

"You're incredible. Enough said." -Jordan Krause